in a sea of shit i shine


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released August 30, 2015

bass on track 5 by buzz. dedicated to gangy and the VT



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FOOT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: the comm, august
haven't got enough money for your birthday. i couldn't get any sleep id forgotten all the tiny leaves it couldn't happen to be time to come clean
haven't thought enough. serena called me out cos i showed up without a gift receipt and i was right on time and last to leave. it couldn't happen to me/time to come clean
Track Name: spritely,/stoned
been caught up in more than i wanted to be pick up and lose steam i started smoking. she doesn't even like your band who said i gave a shit/who told you i wanted to know that?
Track Name: living room, 1994
someone left their party hat in the locker i found it like that. someone put my dirty clothes in the water i found it like that. no one kept an eye on the candle until it grew into a larger flame, no one's gonna say thanks
im so good at my job i got fired/i was only driving around too tired i really want a cigarette gd/are you asking for a hot boy? no thank you
Track Name: ard (acid wash)
i don't care about what i don't have i have it all
nobody's speaking when they're sober. expanding spirals on the ceiling or drops of water moving outward may give you the confidence that you need, you can take all the time that you need, and you can call me up when you're lonely. please don't turn away caught in the rain/caught in the same place/wanting the same things/i don't care
Track Name: tubbie
you don't want a comforting home you'll just regret it when you're dying to be something rewarding that you won't get. it will explode in my face
(you've got years to know what you want)
if you were a dog and you wanted to play in the snow who would bring you?
i counted eleven, i bought some new clothes, i only counted nine, what could you want to know
Track Name: tv room, 1995
if i want to breathe where do i go, crowned defeated kings I'm so calm
what if i feel like a lemon smoking on the street. waiting for all y'all to leave/waiting for a phone call. i don't know you at all
i never do make that much sense. i would make a real great alien. older rocks will melt away when subject to the hose's constant spray
i've got something for you but i can barely see it and i don't think you need it